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Transfer Money through IMPS Online

You can transfer upto 50,000 INR through IMPS Quickly. The Good news is its available through Internet banking.

Previously it was Only SMS and Mobile Application based. Now without spending single paise, you can transfer money immediately to other bank account.

Infact IMPS is the Only Way to transfer funds quickly than any other method, expected Transaction completion time is less than 10 Minutes.

How to Add IMPS Beneficiary Online
Your request has been generated with reference number 1408238737.
Please note down this number carefully and follow these steps for approving the request:
  • Go to a State Bank Group ATM.
  • Swipe your ATM card which is linked to an account that you can view in your Internet Banking login and enter your card PIN.
  • Choose 'Services' ->'Others' then choose 'Internet Banking Request Approval' option.
  • Enter the 10-digit INB reference number and Confirm.

  • You can add and approve a new IMPS beneficiary within the same session. Please allow us four hours to activate your new IMPS beneficiary for transfer of funds.
  • Please note that a newly added and approved beneficiary will be activated automatically within four hours.
  • Approve through ATM (IRATA*): You will need to go to a State Bank Group ATM in India for approving through this option. This option allows approval of full limit and addition of as many beneficiaries as you wish, after the previous beneficiary has been approved.

  • Approve through OTP**: Approval will happen after a cooling period of some hours, and maximum initial limit will be Rs. 50,000. Only one beneficiary can be added per day using this option.You can activate the beneficiary added by you immediately with full transfer limit using OTP option also. For this, please approve the beneficiary with the help of OTP.

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