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State Bank mPassBook Download

State Bank announced a new mobile application called State Bank anywhere. It is far better than any previous mobile applications released by State Bank.

mPassBook also known as Mobile Passbook is the new feature introduced in this application, in which you can access the bank transactions report same like passbook.

Currently mPassBook is available to State Bank of India users only.

Make sure you are connected to Internet in mobile. WiFi or Data pack is enough.

How to Access mPassBook

Step 1:
Enter Internet banking Username Password to login to bank account.

Step 2:
Choose the mPassbook Button on the bottom.

Step 3:
Click on Sync button to download today statement.

Note: Statements for the day you sync will be available in mPassbook. If no transactions available for today, then last transaction statement will be there. Old Statements cannot be accessible through mPassbook. Use Mini statement for the last 10 transaction details.

Step 4:
Here is how the mPassbook statement looks like.

This is not exportable to PDF, CSV or XLS.

Thats it.


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