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SBI Prepaid GIFT Card for Free - Apply Online

State bank is providing Gift card through online SBI. Until upto 31st march 2014 there will not be any service charge for GIFT card, it means the card will be free.
Recived GIFT card Post

Price for Card : Free ( Till 31st March, then 500 Rs per card ).
Delivery Period : 10 Days to reach Their Home.
Minimum Top Up : 500 Rs
Initial Balance in card : 0 Rs.

What is the Use of GIFT Card

If you want to gift some one, but don't know what to gift them. Usually peoples gift the similar items and households. For example, you want to gift a dress to your friend, but don't know about his dressing sense and his favorite color.

Gift card may help you this time, just gift SBI card to them. After 10 days it may reach them, then they can able to use it on any merchandise or shopping. Including any card swiping purchases.

Apply for Gift Card Online

Now its free for you to apply for a gift card, no card charges and delivery charge until 31st March 2014.

Step 1: Login to your SBI personal Account from

Step 2: Click on e-Cards

Then select the Gift Card from left menu.

Step 3: Fill your Details and then Gift card receiver details. (Not all the informations re required, but fill the Mandatory field which are marked as * asterik)
Make Sure the recipient (card receiver) address should be correct. it takes maximum 10 days to get it delivered (through Speed Post)

Step 4: Choose the account from which the card should be recharged charged. Select and Submit.

You will be shown with the page to confirm all the details you filled. Confirm It.
Step 5: Enter the HIGH SECURITY Password code received on the phone.
Now you will see the successful card creation message and its reference number.

View and Track the Status of Gift Card 

Click on View History tab near to create Gift card Submenu, then choose the Dates to see the card created status.

How Many Card in a Month

An user can apply for 10 Gift cards per month.The balance in the card will be zero.
Expiration of the card is exactly one year from the date of application for card. It will be printed over the card.

Gift card Balance enquiry

You can cheque your Gift card balance through State Bank ATM centres just like normal ATM Card balance enquiry.

Gift Card PIN

As the Gift card is VISA card, you dont require any PIN to use at Purchase POS terminals. But for ATM Balance enquiry you need a PIN. This PIN is also dispatched with this Card Post.

Pin, card and Instructions book.

Video on How to Apply for Gift card throug Online

That's it.

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