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ICICI Take DD Online

ICICI Bank is providing a facility to take Demand Drand through Online. This article teach you How to Request for a Demand Draft Through
ICICI Demand Draft Request through Online

DD Delivery to Your Home

You can Request for DD through ICICIOnline they will Dispatch the DD to your Home through Courier.

Step 1: Choose Service Requests from left side menu
Step 2: View all Service Request and Click on Request Demand Draft Online
Step 3: Then Choose the Mode of Delivery of Your DD.
  1. You can Receive the DD from bank through Courier.
  2. You Request for DD Online, and You walk toward bank to collect it.


For Taking New DD - Rs. 50 per DD for amounts upto Rs.10,000;  Above Rs.10,000 - Rs.3 per thousand rupees.
DD Renewal - 100 Rs
DD Cancellation -100 Rs

Details Needed for DD

  1. Your Account Number
  2. Your Location of Bank and Bank Branch
  3. Payable Branch City (Money Receiver branch City)
  4. DD Amount
  5. Beneficiary name (To whom you are Paying)
  6. Email / Phone Number

Shipping and Delivery

DD Processing will take one day time, but Courier or Posting may take upto 5 Days.
Demand Draft Postage Charges are Nil.

Request for Online DD & You Collect from Your ICICI Branch

Through ICICI You can request for a Demand Draft and you can go to bank to collect the DD. This will Save your time waiting in the bank queue. Here they will print your DD at the time of your Request and you can collect the DD from Bank.


All the Charges for DD will be collected from your Selected Account.
For Taking New DD - Rs. 50 per DD for amounts upto Rs.10,000;  Above Rs.10,000 - Rs.3 per thousand rupees.
DD Renewal - 100 Rs
DD Cancellation -100 Rs

For More than 1 DD in a Day, call your Branch about the Charges, its based on the Rural or Urban area of your Branch,


Request Made
Time You can Get DD
Before 4PM Week Days
Instantly You can Collect
After 4PM Week Days
Next Day You can Collect
Before 11PM Saturday
After 11PM Saturday
Next Working Day


Amount - Upto 50,000 Rs Only (for Online Request)

Who Can collect the DD

DD can be collected from bank by you or any other person. But incase if any third person is going to collect the DD for you then he must have your Signed Request Letter.

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