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ICICI Subscribe for Bank E-Statement Email

ICICI Provides Bank Statements through E-Mail. It will be monthly basis (End of every month Mostly after 26th of month) and a PDF as Password protected attachment.

For New bankers It is enabled by default, but for old account holders or for whom e-statement is required through E-Mail, they need to register through ICICI Netbanking.

Step 1: Login to your Personal Netbanking account

Step 2: Click on e-statements and read the description and  click here to continue.

Step 3:  Click on Account Statement By EMail  and proceed.

Step 4: If you want to subscribe for Email Statement then choose Subscribe and Proceed. It will verify you through OTP SMS. And If its suceess then You will receive E-Mail Statement at the End of Every Month.

If your Email is unsecure or some others are using and If you dont want to receive the Email Statement and You want to stop it, then Choose the Option Unsubscribe from Above Step 4.

Thats it.

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