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ICICI iMobile Activation [Screens]

Mobile Banking from ICICI Provides almost every facilities that can be done through Netbanking.
Activation for iMobile is Simple, as You don’t need to go to bank for activating, just DO IT Yourself as follows.
  • GPRS , 3G or Wifi Connection in Mobile
  • One SMS Balance 3 Rs
  • Your Debit Card (for Validation)
Step 1: Download the iMobile Application and Install it.
Step 2: Open the Application after Installation, you will be able to see a screen something like below.
icici after istallation
Step 3: Click ACTIVATE and proceed.
Step 4: Choose GPRS and Proceed, now GPRS Test will be conducted.
Step 5: Create Login PIN (Password) and Re Enter it.
You need to complete the handset Validation by sending SMS to ICICI Secure Server.
This Will happen automatically and will ask your permission for sending SMS.
This SMS Will Be Charged 3 Rs and One SMS will be Send.
Step 6: Now User Activation Process will happen, after that it will fetch your Account details and all other Inter Bank and Intra bank Payee Details what you added through Net banking.
Step 7: Debit Card Grid Verification. Enter the Grid Code From Debit Card (Behind your ICICI Debit card you will Find matrix formatted Text starting  from A to P and numeric digit values)
Step 8: Activation Success. Following are the Services Provided under iMobile Banking.
Thats it.

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