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Benefits of : Debit Card vs NetBanking

In a Payment Page of any online shopping or mobile payment you may most probably confused which payment mode to choose.

Normally Most People with Credit Card choose Credit card payment option. Now a days the most widely used payment option is through Netbanking.

The payment will be debited directly from your savings account once you enter your netbanking user id and password then a verify.

Benefits of DEBIT vs NET BANKING payments

For Small Payments Netbanking is Preferred, so that you can save time of the transaction.
But for Amounts Larger than 100 INR choose Debit card payment.

Most of the indian banks providing reward points through debit card.

It is Stated that State Bank Reward Points are collected once you spend 100Rs at Merchant section.

How much is a Reward Point Worth

A Reward point is redeemed as actual shopping products or mobile recharge.
In Practical Way State Bank Reward Point and other Banks Reward Points are nearly equal to .30 Paise.

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  1. Net Banking is better as the transaction charges less..