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Using ICICI Atm card online : first time

When using ICICI ATM card online for first time,  you may have some confusions and clarifications on how to do.
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But it is very easy and simple couple of steps only.

The best way to start is to spend minimum amount of online merchandise.
Here the easiest option available is online recharge. So you can spend minimum of 10rs and check.

  • Go to and register a free account then enter a number, amount, and service provider to recharge.

  • In payment page you can select mode of payment, where you can choose debit card payment.
  • In the further pages you will see as below.
  • It ask to enter the 16 digit card number and cvv number. Cvv is 3 digit number available on back of your card followed by 4 digit number...
  • Eg; 098
  • Then if you are first time user,it will ask you to enter a password and confirm it.

Creating 3D secure pin

The password should be number. Here you are creating debit card 3D secure pin.
Confirm it and proceed.
In the next screen it ask for your debit card password.

Thats it.

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